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Building your own personal computer

Your computer is much more than a collection of parts

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“Building Your Own High Performance Computer - The Big Book of Computer Components and Assembly,” is a book I wrote out of devotion to my hobby, exploring computer hardware and software, and my profession, teaching digital photography. My goal was to produce a book that covered every detail necessary to make wise decisions when purchasing computer components and putting all the pieces together into a finished PC that is a joy to own and operate. This book does not leave you out in the cold. I created this website to hold visual information, updates, and additional resources that complement the book. Here, you can also email me to suggest revisions to the text.

I have been building PC's for over twenty-five years and EVERY system I have built booted-up and worked flawlessly from the first time I pushed the power-on button. I am not boasting (well, of course I am!!) I merely researched, planned, budgeted, purchased quality components and assembled them with care. A twelve-year old could do this... A well-disciplined and well-read twelve-year old. How to gain such insight? Purchase my book for $7.95 and read it in its entirety before beginning your project. If you do not save twice the amount of the purchase price by reading the book before buying your components and assembling your PC, I will... well, I will truly be very surprised and disappointed.

The book covers recent Intel CPUs (central processing units), such as, Haswell, Haswell-E, Broadwell, and Skylake S. It covers, computer "chipsets" or the PCH input/output hub of the motherboard. You will learn to select RAM memory modules, motherboards, computer cases, power supplies, CPU coolers, video cards, sound cards, monitors, hard disks, solid state drives, and keyboard & mouse. Also covered is: installing the Windows operating system, troubleshooting various issues, UEFI BIOS updates and security and, the proper assembly of the whole lot into a well-orchestrated system. No other book or resource attempts to do so much for such a modest price. I assure you the desktop PC is making a resurgence. Why? Because no power user can obtain the breadth of functionality from a tablet that a modern PC offers. Welcome back! The PC is more ready than ever to be the versatile, powerful companion to creative minds. You will enjoy the machine that can be built using this book. You will budget it, you will select its components and you will put it all together. You will be proud to own it. You will be deservedly proud of yourself. Thank you for considering my book! It is available here on Amazon.

The author of Building Your Own High Performance Personal Computer.


The author is an award-winning professional photographer, graphic artist, and instructor of digital photography and Photoshop CC. He firmly believes that knowledge of computer components and assembly can help meet the creative goals of photographers, video editors, scientists, "power users," students, engineers, computer gamers, and anyone else who demands high performance from a computer system.

Building Your Own High Performance Personal Computer will greatly assist your work or play. Please visit the links below for resources that complement the book.

Building Your Own High Performance Personal Computer: The Big Book of PC Components, covers all aspects of evaluating components and building a PC you will be proud to own. A "real" PC is not a Big Box store PC, it is not the computer you use at work, it is not the computer your friend owns. A real PC is the PC you will build after reading and following the instructions in this book. A real PC is powerful, responsive, and able to deliver outstanding video output. A real PC need not cost much more than that Big Box store PC.

Detailed instructions for budgeting, researching, purchasing, and computer assembly: Above all, budgeting and researching is the key to a rewarding experience when building your own PC. My book covers much of the research for you and provides you with the tools to further your research to suit your needs. Tips for obtaining the best deals are also included.

CPU cooling using heatsinks and liquid cooling systems is covered in detail as is computer case ventilation. A cool machine IS a happy machine.

Tips for installing Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 and troubleshooting boot problems is included as well. I also cover UEFI BIOS. UEFI BIOS is a valuable tool for for computer security in an age of computer crime. Other tips for maintaining system security are included.

ASUS motherboard illustration by Ed Ruth

Illustration of the ASUS X99 Deluxe Motherboard by the author

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Building a technically superior PC is no accident.

Haswell-E Bus

Illustration of the Haswell-E Bus by the author

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Image of Core i5 and i7 Intel CPUs.

Haswell-E and Haswell Refresh CPUs, both Core i7 and Core i5, are some of the most advanced CPUs ever produced for enthusiasts, premium, and business systems. Broadwell will be an upgrade for socket 1150 users and Skylake will deliver CPUs that produce less heat and use less energy in socket 1151 motherboards.

Advanced chipsets developed for Skylake CPUs will turn desktop computers into processing engines unimaginable even a few years ago. The potential connectivity of contemporary and near future PC systems is staggering. The adaptability and flexibility of the desktop system makes it something quite different than a tablet. Open up your tablet and you void the warranty, open up a PC and you open up a world of possibilities. Please read my book to discover these possibilities. The Big Book of Computer Components - Building Your Own High Performance Computer.

Ed Ruth holds a BS degree from the University of Central Connecticut and a MS from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Building Your Own High Performance Personal Computer focuses on the Haswell, Haswell-E, Beoadwell, and Skylake S and E, Intel Enthusiast and Performance Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs.

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A powerful computer makes photo editing a pleasure. Make all your work or play more satisfying by reading the book. You will enjoy building your own computer. Best, you will enjoy using it.


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